The Magicians

Alan Gordon, John Townley, Jake, Garry Bonner

Alan Gordon, John Townley, Jake, Garry Bonner 1965-1966

Garry Bonner, Jake, John Townley, Alan Gordon

John Townley, Jake, Alan Gordon, Garry Bonner

Jake, Garry Bonner

Bunky and Jake

Jake and the Family Jewels

Jake and Family Jewels, left to right,
Victor Mattson, Jake, Kathleen Whelen, Bobby Shehan, Diana  Mae Munch, Murray Weinstock.


Jerry Burnham, Fred (on Bass), Erin Dickens, Mike Epstein, Jeannie Ames, Kathleen Whelen, Jake, Raun McKinnon

Jake, Ben Moss, James Moss,
Janet Hovland Jungden

Clockwise from top: Dan Mansolino, Rob Stoner, Jake, Michael Rosa

Jake down in Kenny's Castaways Cellar

Victor Mattson, Mike Helske, Jay Cosgrove,
Janet Hovland Jungden, Jake


Jake singing with NRBQ at the Iridium, NYC,  Photo: Jim Crisci

"The Big Moose calls his Baby Sweet Lorraine"

Jake and Terry Adams

Jake, Jerry Burnham, Michael Rosa, 1972

Bunky and Jake

Bunky and Jake on Cherry Lane

Bunky, Photo: Olga Spiegel

Bunky and Jake 1993, Oo-Wee Little Children

Doug Rauch

Bunky and Jake, LAMF

Michael Rosa

Tommy Cosmo, Bobo Lavorgna, Jake

Victor Mattson, Skip Yakitis, Jake, Bernie Soroko, Bobo Lavorgna

Stephen Grossman, Jake, Tuli Kupferberg, Clay Cole, Vinny Leary, Ed Sanders.

Back Row Left to Right: Clem Klimick,
Terry Adams, Pete Donnely, Scott Ligon

Front Row Left to Right: , Marshall Alan,
Conrad Choucroun, Jake, Art Baron.

Bobo Lavorgna, Janet Hovland Jungden, Jake, Steve Asetta, Bernie Soroko

Jake and the Family Jewels 2012

at Dry Dock Festival

Family Jewels not pictured

Paul Osola, Howie Wyeth, Dave Palmer, Phil Leone,
Fred the bass player, Willy Kirshofer, Tommy Mcgregor, Chico Rindner, Leo Adamian, Jon Paris, David Ames, Billy Mernit
I apologize if I left anybody out.